Sunday, February 12, 2012

I will laminate my heart and stuff it in your mailbox and this will prove that sometimes I can take risks and that maybe sometimes I can go too far or maybe not far enough.

I'm tired of how lately I can't seem to express how I feel
and how when I do you have no idea what I mean, or when
you refuse to accept that I mean what I mean.

Lately I've been thinking about you.

I'm thinking of elephants when I think of you.
I'm thinking of birds when I think of you.
I'm thinking of kittens when I think of you.
And I'm thinking of black babies too.

When you held my hand and sand flew into my eyes,
that was the best day ever, and when you left your keys
inside of your car and we got stuck out in the rain, that
was the best moment of my life.

Now I am in NYC, thinking of elephants and birds and cats and
black babies and satan too and how I worship the both of you.