Friday, February 21, 2014



Cheetos will never make you happy
High fructose corn syrup
I dance them around my tongue
Dry swallow
Goodbye today, hello happy tomorrow
I'm thirteen again, making out with pillow cases, practice makes perfect
It's a love/hate thing the loneliness of cotton
There's a polar bear army laying in bed with me
My cuddle buddies
Emotional/physical needs
Text me and tell me I seem distant
And I'll lecture you about initiative, thoughtfulness, space and time
About how frail it can be, all this collapsing
The emptiness between you and me
Feeling fucked but OK enough

I give my cuddle buddies names
Pretend it is normal
Fuck it, nobody is watching
advantage of being alone

Laying in bed watching dawson's creek
Letting the TV have its way with me
It understands without me having to say
"feed me intimacy"

Cheetos will never make you happy
Buy you eat them just to have something to do
And I guess that's OK.