Sunday, July 21, 2013

Try harder

My friend tells me she just wishes she could die
And I can't help but think about a Wikipedia entry
I read three days ago about someone younger and
Way more successful than me.

A year ago I gave up weed for cigarettes. Traded jail
Time for tooth decay, bad breath and cancer.

We talked about babies. I said I'd only consider having
One if I could name it Bruce Willis jr, you kissed me and
I interpreted that as "no dice, baby"

I search Internet porn sites and type in the name of
Various foods. I will never look at donuts the same.

When my mother passed away, I thought about your legs
At the funeral, thighs begging to be bitten, and how beautiful
You could look in the morning, when tired was the only
Expression you could muster.

I tell my friend "it gets better" and tell myself that tomorrow
I will build myself a new heart out of cotton candy and

I write a note to myself and stick it to my bathroom mirror, it reads
"Try harder"

Friday, July 12, 2013


In my dreams the kit kat bar gets 
gagged And pleasured to death by the purple tentacles.

The girl with the pink hair just collects sea
Shells to sell on eBay. 

The ninja just gets drunk  On sake and frustrated by the lack of sex in his

When the koga clan arrive they play beer pong With lupin the third, and smoke weed till the sun Comes out.

In my dreams I am a paper air plane built by a boy With way too much time on his hands, he bites his Nails till they bleed and day dreams about a time when he wjll Never have to live vicariously through his day Dreams.


I am watching anime on a small screen and all I want to Do is punch through every wall I have to till I can fall asleep
In whatever bed/mattress/couch/floor it is that you inhabit 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I didn't know what to say so I'll say it here

I didn't know what to say so I'll say it here:

The aliens are fucking shit up some where on a planet we don't even have a name for yet. 

The aliens don't have time to fuck shit up on earth.

"We'll leave earth fucking to the humans" an alien thinks out loud.

All of the other aliens nod in agreement.

I smoke cigarettes and drink beer, I am pissing in a field somewhere.

I look at the sky, I look at you, I prefer you to the moon and stars, really I do.

If aliens invaded the earth I would tell them to fuck off and die.

They probably wouldn't understand me.

I'd say there's a girl I like and I'd point at my chest and they would understand.

Love is universal or something 

Your worth is universal.

I'd kick all the alien ass I'd have to just to hold your human hand. 

Really I would and I try to tell you this but I can't

I mumble the words and say forget it, it's nothing when you say you can't understand me, and I run away and you just keep on keeping on as if nothing ever happened.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I could give up porn for you (Bruce fucking Willis)

I could give up porn for you...

I want to spoon you as if you were the last bit of peanut butter at the end of the jar, nibble on your earlobe and let you beg me for more. 

Woah being sexy is not my area of expertise 

I want to wear you like a candy bar wears its wrapper 

Do stuff to my body

I want to wake up in your bathtub

There are a million things to watch on Netflix

Come watch them with me

I will wipe up every dead ant that invades the privacy of your car

I will kill every ninja that tries to assassinate you

And if you die, I will play your favorite drake song at your funeral

I don't give a fuck

Finna kiss you so hard you'll feel me on your lips for the rest of your life

Fuck every lover before and after, I want to be your right now

Lets watch Bruce Willis kill Russians together

Die hard in the backseat of a cab

Hold my hand right now

The loneliest feelings creep in when I whisper I want you into a cell phone

I could give up porn for you, I mean it.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

banana peppers

The happiest moments of my life all involve sandwiches

I am eating till everything taste good

The bitter memories and the salt in my wounds

The hunger makes me apathetic

you kick my head then rub my stomach

I am better when I am lonely

I thrive on the taste of the curb

Hold my hand you might tell me

and I wont because I don't feel like it

when my bed is empty

your hand is the only thing I miss

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


You spell "penis" pen is and text it to me over and over

You type "my pen is giant"

I respond "My penis giant, lol"

I try to hear you laugh from wherever you are.

Try to mimic the sound from memory but it doesn't really work.

I play a waka flocka flame song on my ipod and think "I'm a trill ass nigga"

I'm from new york so I think its ok to think that.

I text you "I'm a trill ass nigga"

and you don't text me back.

I check to see if my text was sent and it says it was and I feel stupid.

Feel like texting to you how stupid I feel but I don't do it.

I don't do anything.

I lie in bed and touch my penis.

I think "masturbation" then I think "no"

Feels like the world is going to explode.

The explosion might be ok because everyone would die simultaneously and there will be no pain/sadness.

I picture you lying in bed next to me naked.

I picture your body exploding and instead of blood and guts there is confetti.

Surprise this is not the first time I have killed you in my head.


Beach body

I've been in Florida for four months and I haven't gone to the beach.

I am not a beach person.

I can't deal with sand and all the parts of my body it likes to invade.

I think "personal space" when I go to the beach. 

The beach invades my personal space and the desire to go to the beach leaves me.

Beaches just feel lonely or something.

Like when I watch good looking couples holding hands or little kids building sand castles I think "I am fucked, I am going to die alone" I have never built a sand castle, have never known what it's like to watch something I built be torn down by waves or destroyed by a bro trying to catch a frisbee.

I also think "boobs" when I go to the beach.

I think about bodies.

So many good looking bodies.

Male and female.

I am not comfortable with my body at the beach.

I hide my head underneath the sand, crabs pick at my eyeballs, my eyes water but I am not crying.

I sometimes think "sun shine" when I think of the beach. 

My favorite weather is cloudy gray skies, when it might rain in New York but it doesn't so you decide not to wear a jacket and the wind blows and you feel cold but free.

It's always cold and free, not warm and free. 

It is warm and I am feeling an immense weight in my chest,

beach, you have invaded my body yet again.