Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cover my legs with sand and trample all over my body

I want to bleed enough blood to make sharks take the initiative
to try to walk on land. I don't believe in vampires, I'm sorry.
I just want to kiss girls with green alien eyes, and purple skin.

Pour sand over my legs, do anything
I'm a slut, I feel ridiculous,
pour grains of salt over my mouth
I want kidney stones the size of boulders
bury my body in Austin
I want to be remembered for my beard and
not my beer belly
I am tired of voice mail and student loans
cover me in honey and pour alcohol into
my lungs
I want to be so drunk I can't remember
ever being drunk
fuck it, just kiss me now and pretend we
are in love

I am ready.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I can't help but think about you, damn

If I could describe you with just one word it would be iconic
Damn me for liking everything about you
You make smoking cigarettes look seductive
I want to pour you in a glass of water and drink you
Lately I've been pretending you are all I need, toying with the idea that you could make happy
Pfft, as if
What I'm really saying is I want your lazy body next to mine
Come lay down with me
We can talk about raising children together and other things we might regret.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I want to kiss you in ways I have never kissed anyone ever.
I want my existence and your existence to coexist together.
I want to smoke every cigarette you have ever smoked.
I want my lungs to be as black as your lungs.
Your lungs make me happy, I want to caress them and read them love poems.
In fact bring your lungs to me and I will ask them to marry me.
I am dead serious.
I love you the way my generation loves irony.