Sunday, April 8, 2012

Loud intense sobbing

look in to the mind of a man with a 'bleak' existence
study his face, listen to his philosophy, shit eating grin
he is full of shit. Watch him smoke a cigarette, watch
him look at you, watch him wait for you to make the
first move, watch him sweat nervously. He is too frail.
Watch him take in everything you say. He is falling for
you, all over you, he is lost in the depths of you,
you are now the reason for his being. You will be the reason
for his joy, the reason for his depression, when he shits he
will think of you, when he masturbates, when he brushes his
teeth, when he writes his term paper, while he loses sleep.
He will spend hours and hours and hours upon hours thinking
of the perfect conversation. When he sees you he will not
remember a thing. He will go blank. Study this man.
You will never marry this man. He is too complicated for you. You are
not complicated. You know what you want from life. Pity this man.
Befriend him. Do something with his penis sometimes. And when
shit gets too real break his heart and walk away. He will hide in his
existential blanket, he will weep afterwards. Sob loud and intensely
holding a pillow, holding a cellphone, putting up the volume on his ipod,
listening to sad music, the only kind of music he likes.

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