Tuesday, April 3, 2012

There is a polar bear sitting on my chest, just kidding it is sitting on my face, it is sitting on your face, it is digesting things fiercely with intense eyes and androgynous mannerisms. I am not depressed.

You are not a difficult person
you don't hate everyone
you don't masturbate often
you are smart, clean and very
I know this
I believe this
I tell myself this every night
staring into the mirror
looking into my eyes
thinking about polar bears
and polar ice caps
and cancer
thinking about black babies,
flipper babies, latino babies,

You are the person you want
to be, I tell myself religiously
with conviction, I am going
somewhere someday
I will get there
before I die
I promise
you are not
the weakest link
you are the ace of spades
you are fucking james dean
I lie to myself before
falling asleep in the shower.

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