Monday, June 11, 2012


I am eating a sandwich in your bathroom. The baby is crying. Feels like I am in the middle of nowhere. I hear shouts from the bedroom. I am not suppose to be here. It feels like I am not suppose to be here. There is a sick feeling in my stomach. I am throwing the sandwich in the toilet. I flushed the toilet. Water is coming out of the toilet. Fuck, the toilet is clogged. It was a pretty big sandwich. Turkey ham, Swiss cheese, tomato and lettuce with a dash of vinegar and salt on a hero. I don't know why I flushed it. I guess I am being passive aggressive again. Fuck, I am still kind of hungry. I smoke a cigarette. I know you hate when I smoke in your bathroom. I can hear the baby crying. Someone do something please I think to myself. When the fuck is this world going to end? My socks are wet. You are knocking on the door. Your friends all hate me now, your little sister needs to use the bathroom. I am crying, I don't know why I am crying but I am. I unlock the door as quietly as possible and leave out the window. I hope I never see you again. I hope I never see anyone again. I am going back to the deli.

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