Monday, June 11, 2012


I have never learned to love people properly
I am a vengeful person
I am a spiteful god
I hate all of you
I am walking around the earth
I am walking on top of, around, and over a dozen blury clouds
I am on the sunset strip, it is 1989, I want to stick needles in my arm
Cradle me mother, I am starving for your attention
I will never learn to love anyone
Doesn't seem right
but its all I can think right now
I am in a negative place
I am in a negative space
This apartment will swallow me whole
and shit me out into the internet where I will become a youtube video
that nobody watches, a meme that doesn't catch on, fuck, I am fucked.
Seems bleak, tiny celestial bodies wrapped around my spine, I am bending
backwards, trying really hard, like I am poking you on facebook and everything
seems like I am doing everything right, but maybe my right is wrong to you.
Fuck it, I don't care, I was born to be an asshole anyways.

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