Friday, July 12, 2013


In my dreams the kit kat bar gets 
gagged And pleasured to death by the purple tentacles.

The girl with the pink hair just collects sea
Shells to sell on eBay. 

The ninja just gets drunk  On sake and frustrated by the lack of sex in his

When the koga clan arrive they play beer pong With lupin the third, and smoke weed till the sun Comes out.

In my dreams I am a paper air plane built by a boy With way too much time on his hands, he bites his Nails till they bleed and day dreams about a time when he wjll Never have to live vicariously through his day Dreams.


I am watching anime on a small screen and all I want to Do is punch through every wall I have to till I can fall asleep
In whatever bed/mattress/couch/floor it is that you inhabit 

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