Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wants... (A list)

I want my words to sound really deep and profound and melodramatic, so that my problems can come off
as 'unique' or 'important'.

I want to not be seen as self-aware but self-assure.

I want to learn to swim better despite never really going to swim.

I want to lose 60 pounds and grow an inch.

I want to write something really funny to impress girls who read my stuff.

I want a pet cat called 'Taco' or 'Troy'.

I want to create elevator music with subliminal messages that make listeners be nicer to their pets.

I want to stop having dreams of black babies and woman who made my life suck.

I want to go around calling people pedestrians.

I want a pair of baby blue vans.

I want to yell 'babies are a good source of protein' really loudly in an abortion clinic.

I want my future wife to look like Rachel Bilson and treat me like shit.

I want to not have to feel uncomfortable when I walk in a 'cutting edge' clothing store.

I want to be 'cutting edge' without seeming like I want to be cutting edge.

I want to not fall in love with every pretty girl who says nice things to me.

I want to not have to go to sleep at six in the morning.

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