Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Babies who are doctors with insect arms.

I will collapse on my own face.
My body will fall, my face will be
smashed, on a rug, on concrete or
maybe but not likely on wood.
and there will be blood, maybe a
lot, maybe a little, maybe a little
more than expected, maybe less
than what was not expected.

I will collapse and pray that I am
knocked unconcious. I don't want
to feel a thing.I want to just dream or
something. And wake up in a hospital
surrounded by doctors.

Doctors that are babies with tiny insectesque
arms and fake mustaches.

I want them to tell me to not worry. That I will be
ok and I will feel good and safe despite the doctors
abnormalities because they have degrees and I have
nothing but a broken nose and social anxiety.

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