Saturday, December 3, 2011

The 'dog'; 'chain of command'

The 'dog' broke his promise to the 'chain of command'
the chain of command was pissed re the broken promise.
The 'dog' was pissed re the 'chain of command' being pissed.
it was a cycle. empty and hollow. Like most basic human
emotions or reasons or excuses and crutches.

The 'dog' was in a bad mood. The 'Chain of command'
was pissy and drunk. They didn't talk much that night,
to each other. Just groans and moans, no hugs.

In the morning they drank coffee. Not together, just in
the same room.

The 'dog' felt like he could 'hate' the 'chain of command'
the 'chain of command' felt the same.

The 'chain of command' thought about her childhood. She thought
about her father, or her lack of a father.

He wasn't there.

The 'dog' had a father. 

It just felt like he wasn't there.

The 'chain of command' left for work.

The 'dog' stayed home and washed dishes.

Later they would 'forgive' each other and 'love' each other again.

"I'm sorry I broke my promise," the 'dog' would say. Not
fully meaning it.

"No its ok, I'm sorry," would respond the 'chain of command'
not really believing him.

They would make up and spend the night in mental soliloquy, thinking,
wondering what the next few years would be like together.

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