Thursday, December 1, 2011


I felt this great urge to smash my face against
the wall, and scream obscene things at life or
the world or something. But the urge went away.
Some place. Safe... or far. far enough so that
my 'will' could never find it.

my 'will' gives up easily.

I have a distinct feeling of 'sad rage' bottled up.
I feel the desire to ejaculate angrily. I will
assert my power in my mind. vividly.

On the wall, face, nothing but chipped paint, smashed.
will gives up. easy.

Fuck this 'shit'

I feel like I will live till 100 as punishment for
something my parents did.

And I will see the world be destroyed by millions of tiny
robots designed by Apple.

And they will eat my body because I am 'organic'.

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