Saturday, October 8, 2011


i feel like i should be cooler.
alone, out loud, i think
'i could be cooler'

i feel like if i were cooler
i wouldn't be sitting down
thinking to myself alone, out loud,
'i could be cooler'

but i would be doing something
stupid with friends

and if i was cooler i wouldn't think
the stupid things i was doing were stupid
i would think they were 'chill'

i'd be 'chilling with my bro's doing bitchin' things'

and i'd be happy and smiling
not only because of the drugs but
also because being cool means you
are instantaneously happy , i think, alone
out loud to myself.

i'm going to do 50 push ups and
drink 5 cans of rockstar and try
to be cool.

k. bye.

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