Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sad Builidings (Very Short Story)

They were walking outside. They passed lots of buildings.
"these building all seem so sad" she said.
"not all of them" he said.
"show me a building that isn't sad" she said.
He looked around the street. He saw an abandoned church. He pointed at it.
"That building doesn't look sad" he said.
"it looks scary" she said.
"scary is good" he said.
"scary is sad" She said.
"sad is good" He said.
He grinned. She kissed him on the cheek. She grabbed his hand.

"I am sad right now. Thats why the buildings seem sad to me I think." She said.

'She's sad. Thats not good. I can't make her happy. I feel bad. But I'm not
happy either.but I feel like you shouldn't say those things. It makes other
people feel bad. She doesn't care she just says things. I like that. But it
makes me feel bad. I'm not enough for her.'

Her phone made a noise. She received a txt message. She read the txt message
and laughed.

'someone told her something funny. She looks happy. someone else can make her
happy with just a txt. i'm right here and i can't make her happy. maybe she's
starting to like me less. i knew this would happen eventually but just not now.
its too soon, or too late. if this happened earlier maybe i wouldn't feel so
bad. i don't know'

She txt the person back.

'she's txting while she's with me. Talking to me isn't enough. i feel lonely now,
i'm walking with her, she's with me but i feel lonely right now because she is having
more fun txting someone else than being with me. i feel stupid.'

he pulled out his cell phone. he started looking for people to txt but the only person he
would want to txt was walking next to him.

'if she liked me as much as i liked her she wouldn't feel the need to txt someone while she
was with me. i think. maybe. i don't know. i just don't know.'

Before they were in a 'relationship' she would txt him and email him a lot. They spent most
of the time on Google chat, txting or on the phone. She would tell him how all she could think
about was receiving a txt from him or an email. he was happy because he felt the same. now they
were 'together' and she barely txt him. and when they were together she mostly txted other people.
He felt confused thinking 'i knew this would happen, I shouldn't feel bad because i knew this
would happen.'
He started walking a little bit faster. He was a head of her, by the time she noticed he was a few
feet away from her. she walked faster to catch up.

"why are you walking so fast?" she said. But she meant it rhetorically maybe because she didn't wait
for an answer she just went back to her phone.
He kept thinking if he walked fast enough he would dissapear. and if he dissapeared none of this would
matter. He closed his eyes and tripped a little bit on a tree root.
She didn't notice.
He was annoyed, not because of almost tripping but because she didn't notice.

'when she is around i notice everything that happens to her. this is bad. really bad.'

"I think we have to break up" he said.
"what?" she said. She didn't hear him.
He became more angry than before. He pulled out his
phone and sent her a txt.

'i think we have to break up' it said.

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