Friday, October 7, 2011


I was sitting down eating green rice and chicken, listening to music.
The singer screamed "Who stole our hearts, who left us so hollow".
I felt depressed. Lonely, bored and hopeless. I could feel tears begin
to swell up but I didn't cry.

I still feel pretty low. I can't get over stuff as fast as my peers. But none
of my peers can really relate to my situation, so I shrug off every one's attempts
at helping me. Which to them help is telling me everything will be alright. Or to
get over it. While they go on living better more fulfilling lives than me.

I want to go somewhere with someone. Someone who matters to me and i hope i
matter to them too. But that won't happen. And so i stay sitting, eyes swelling up but
not producing tears. Thinking, reflecting, and waiting.

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