Friday, October 7, 2011

Super powers, james earl the 3rd, sarah.

If I could have any super power in the world it would be to rewind time for about ten minutes.
only and exactly ten minutes. So that when ever I got into an argument with someone I could
better prepare myself and say things better the second time. Everything I'd say would be rational
and sound articulate even if most of it is full of shit and stupid because most arguments are full
of shit and stupid. Most people arguing tend to be full of shit and stupid and are too into their own
ideologies to realize they are full of shit and stupid. I know i too am part of the 'they', I don't deny

Today I want to do something nice. Like ride a bike and go eat ice cream and visit sarah. And me
and Sarah would talk about ice cream flavors that should never be talked about like 'lemon maggot sundaes or fish avocado vanilla bean'.

We would climb a tree together and look for coconuts and laugh about how we are too scared to jump
down even if the distance isn't so bad.

I want to find a random cat and give it a name and take a picture of it and write the facebook description as 'my long lost feline brother james earl the third'.

I will do these things one day with Sarah maybe. If I ever find Sarah. I think Sarah would like to turn back time for ten minutes too so that we could enjoy our ice creams over and over again without getting fat.

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