Saturday, October 8, 2011

pedro.fake mustache. sombrero. Sarah.

He sits alone. He's thinking 'I'll give up on life, I'll give up on life, I mean I sorta already have.'
He's bored and depressed. Now he's outside. Bored and depressed, watching cars. He is not a car person. Just a bored and depressed person. He looks at the snow and thinks

'I should throw a snowball at my face.I wish someone would throw a snowball at my face. I would feel slightly annoyed and then laugh because I'm a stupid person for taking myself so serious and deserve snow in my face, and i Would throw a snowball back at that person but maybe not in the face because I would feel bad'

He walks towards the bus stop and gets on the bus. The bus is going somewhere. He doesn't know where. He doesn't care where. He just wants somewhere to go to. He sits on the bus looking at people. People look mad. People look depressed. People look annoyed. Annoyed at life. Like him. But they are all happier than him. He knows this because he can feel it. The bus stops. He gets off the bus.

Outside of the bus life feels different. More real. 'The bus was the twilight zone. I liked the bus' he thought.But he didn't really like the bus. He was confused. Caught between liking and disliking.
'the bus is like Sarah. I feel different when I am with her. She likes cats and poptarts. I like cats and poptarts. I like Sarah. She doesn't like me... maybe. She didn't call. Four days.... four years. Its been a lifetime.I want a cat to pet. I would name it Pedro and give it to Sarah. With a fake mustache and a sombrero. Its festive'

He walks in a random direction. He doesn't know where he is going. He sees a store and walks into the store. Behind the counter there's a man with a mustache.

'pedro.fake mustache. sombrero. Sarah' he thinks, grinning.

The mustashed counter man averts his eyes.

'He thinks I will steal his soul. I only want his mustache'

He looks at the candy aisle.

'She said she would call today. I waited. I feel stupid. Maybe she will call soon. So stupid. I will assault mustache man with a bag of skittles if she doesn't call right now'

Mustache man was speaking on a cellphone in spanish. Not paying attention.
He grabbed a bag of jolly ranchers, some m&ms and a snickers bar and walked out of the store.

'I just stole from mustache man... I took from his income. Thats bad.I am an ass hole. I don't deserve to be called'

He openned the bag of jolly ranchers. He put one in his mouth. He no longer cared about Mustache man's income because Jolly ranchers are Sarah's favorite candy.


  1. I saw where you posted this on horse the bands forum. I really like this one. I want to read more when I leave work. Maybe check out some of my "poems" let me know what you think. I believe we are a lot alike.

  2. hey man thanks for reading, I'm glad you liked it. I checked out your poems and yeah we definately are alike. I like them a lot.