Thursday, October 13, 2011

Songs I wrote That You'll Never Hear pt.1

Thinking about you:

I'm thinking about you
while I cross the street
thinking about you while I stare at my feet
I'm thinking about you while this strager passes by
thinking about you when I'm swarmed by flies
I'm thinking about you when i txt hi
thinking about you when you don't reply
to that txt I
sent 5 hours ago
and i feel sad
I mean i feel bad
I mean i feel
I feel
I feel
and I'm thinking about you on the stereo
I'm thinking thats a song I wish I wrote
I'm thinking its something i'd like you to hear
but then you'd fall in love and you'd dissapear
I'm thinking about you and how you'll never hear
this song.

Kill everyone:

I'm sincere when I say "I wish you were here"
and how every car that passes makes me wish
I'd dissapear cause my heart stops, yeah my
heart stops, cause I think it is you
and I wait and I wait and wait
but no one ever comes, and I wait and I wait
and I wait and i wish i'd bought a shotgun


And I think you're cute even when you
wear silly shoes, yeah I think you're cute
when I think of you being used, yeah I think
you're the cutest when you walk into the room
I think you're really cute when you inhale those fumes
and we're smoking, we're smoking and taking turns on
getting burned and we're smoking and smoking
cause we never learned
and I just think you're cute when you wear silly
shoes and can't walk straight after drinking 2x beers


You ate a popsicle
I think it was blue
or red
or green
or purple
or orange...
you ate a popsicle
while sitting on
my bed,
you ate a popsicle
and threw it at my head
you ate a popsicle
while i cried myself
to sleep
you ate a popsicle
while i wrote bad poetry
you ate a popsicle
and didn't offer me none
you cold hearted bitch....

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