Sunday, October 9, 2011

depression, as a person (a poem)

stealing neighbors shitty internet,
not being able to load any videos
or download any porn. I'm frustrated
and I feel lonely.
Thinking 'it would be nice if some cute
girl magically appeared beside me so that
i could cuddle and have sex with her'
Thinking 'that will never happen you fucking
I can't move or I'll lose the connection.
This piece of shit.
Shit as an adjective, shit as a noun.
Fuck. as a verb.
I hate life.
a little maybe.
I'm depressed.
depression, as a person
killing lots of fat people.
too much space occupation.
i hate myself.
spare the fat ones.
depression, as an adjective
describing me.
"he looks like depression"
me in cage being pointed at
"daddy he is depressed"
"yes son, don't make eye contact
its contagious"
"ok daddy, buy me mcdonalds?"
"sure son, whatever you want"

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